【保存版】羽田空港から徒歩で品川まで行ってみた Jogging guide between Shinagawa station and Haneda airport

For people visiting to Japan, it would be unbelievable not to go to the center of Tokyo by not using any public transportation methods, but it is not so difficult.

It is about 12km from Haneda airport to Shinagawa station. You can find and enjoy "Former Tokaido" through the path. Let's try!



I'd like to explain about the points to take.


1) After going out from exit of the international terminal, turn to right and go straight. (If you are in domestic terminal, firstly you take free bus running between 3 terminals and get off the bus stop of International terminal)

・国際線ターミナルを右手に進む 。(国内線から来た場合は、無料連絡バスに乗って国際線バスターミナルへ向かう)


2) You encounter "T" cross over point as the photo shows, turn to left. (Walking to right direction is prohibited...) 




3) After finding "Kuronogate" on the right side, at the cross over point of "Haneda Asahi-cho" as the photo shows, turn to right.




4) After passing the bridge and take curve to the right direction, you find the croo over point as the photo shows, then turn to left. (If you turn to right, you find the Ikegami driving school as the ad shows...)





5) This point is a little bit difficult.

As the photo below shows, turn to right and soon turn to left and go straight.

(Around "Omori Higashi 5 chome")




6) After passing the bridge and go straight, you encounter "Sawa medical shop (サワ薬品)", turn to right. Then you take "Former Tokaido".




7) Please enjoy the atmosphere of retro post stations. 



8) You can join with the main street of "Dai ichi Keihin",  and go straight. At  the former "Suzugamori execution chamber", take the former Tokaido again.




9) Please enjoy the atmosphere of retro post stations again. 



 10) After pass through crossing near Kita-Shinagawa station, turn to right. You can find Keikyu Wing building. (One of the landmarks of Shinagawa)




11) You can arrive at Shinagawa station.

・品川駅へ。 f:id:nastac:20180108190319j:plain



Have a safe trip!